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Why should you call on an event manager services?

To be helped by an agency with the perfect knowledge of the event management industry.

To attract all attendants attention, even to impress them and give them emotions through a know-how devoted to your event and your business strategy.

Congress, Business Meeting, Symposium…

an important potential for reconnection with your audience, customers, business network, employees.

CAP Oz IDEES highlights your event thanks to its experience of every link in the event chain:
  • Creation
  • Technical specification
  • Engineering & back office
  • Global coordination & technical management
  • Communication
  • Exhibition
  • Setting & global technical operating
  • Animation

Our agency is an unmissable operator able to support you with efficiency and precision. Partner of your company we guarantee you the authenticity of our solutions meeting your needs in France and abroad.

We guarantee you successful events thanks to our precision in conception and execution rigor on the field!